Tips to clean your robot lawn mower

If you have reached this page, you sure are in search of Nettoyer un robot de tonte or the tips to clean or service your robot lawn mower. The robot lawn mowers are the modern trend in keeping your lawns nice and tidy and they are proving to be very helpful for the home owners as they are easy to maintain and easy to use. These lawn mowers are quite different from your conventional lawn mower and these require very few maintenance task, the reason for which they are so popular.

Since the robot lawn mowers are mechanically simpler to operate, you do not have a long list of maintenance tasks for it. However a few things are necessary to make sure that the machine keeps on working well.

If you want your robot lawn mower to work perfectly, then you need to clean it on regular basis as well as change and replace its blades and batteries in time. Storing the lawn mower properly in the months of winter is also necessary to keep it working in a good state. Not only in the days of winter but any other extreme weather time asks for proper protection of this machine.

How to effectively clean your robot lawn mower?

Here we are going to talk particularly about the cleaning of the robot lawn mower and how to do it effectively. Although you have the option to get the professional services of the lawn mower cleaners, however, you can do it at home as well and get it all ready and clean in no time. You can also save a good amount of money on the cleaning services as well.

Cleaning a robot lawn mower is very important because if you would not clean the lawn mower regularly, then the clippings of grass will get stuck in the blades and it will start making it dull and would eventually effect the performance of the lawn mower.

Cleaning the robot lawn mower is something very simple and easy and it would not require a lot of tools and tricks. Just simple access to the assembly of the lawn mower and a few brushes to clean it off.

  • The first thing to do is to make sure that you have switched off the master button of the lawn mower. It is very essential and important step that should not be neglected because if the power is on, you could get hurt.
  • Next you will have to use a hard bristled brush to clean of the grass clippings on the blade and on the sides of the mechanical assembly. Make sure you clean all of the clippings so that the lawn mower keeps working effectively.
  • If the clippings are stuck too badly, you can make use of the narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaner as well.
  • Once the clippings are off, turn on the mower in the empty space and let the clippings fly.
  • Your lawn mower is clean and good as new to work again.