Essential Nursery Furniture

When you’re expecting, planning a nursery can be a daunting task. With so many baby items available, it can be difficult to know which one is really worth buying. The item you purchase will depend partly on your personal preference, but some of the basics of nursery decor can help any new parents.

Essentials for Baby Nursery:

Cot or Basket

One important piece of furniture for the nursery is the baby bed. You might decide on a cot or a basket for your little one, either way, it will likely be the focal point of the nursery. Cots and baskets come in a variety of styles and price ranges. But many choose to spend on top quality and which style you choose, be sure that the bed or basket is strong and made of quality materials.

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Changing table

There will be thousands of dirty nappies during your baby’s first year. Although you will become skilled at nappy changes, it’s always a good idea to have a changing table organized in the nursery. Changing tables come in lots of different designs, some with shelving to organize nappies and other essentials, such as baby wipes and cream. Changing tables also include a soft pad to put the baby on.

Storage Basket

A large basket on the floor next to your baby’s cot or basket is more than just a cute piece of decor – a large basket is ideal for housing an extra blanket, burp cloth, and even toys. Be sure to position them where you need them the most: a blanket by the cot, burp cloth by the rocker, and toys that are easily accessible to the baby.


Babies often go through several changes of clothes every day, making an easily organized dresser a much-needed piece of nursery furniture. Dressers will ideally have at least 3 drawers with different compartments for socks, bibs, and other small items.


Mobiles have long been a nursery fundamental, because they help to calm the new baby to sleep and comfort them when they wake up. Most mobiles include features like music and moving figures or shapes, while some have lights, mirrors and the soothing sounds of nature.

Rocking chair

A relaxing but supportive rocking chair for parents while feeding and comforting their babies to sleep is essential. Babies get comfort from the rocking motion that is provided by such chairs and gliders, and this seat also offers a comfortable place to breastfeed. An ideal choice is the Eames Rocking Chair from

Baby Monitor

It’s difficult for new parents to relax in a different room from their baby. Baby monitors give parents the peace of mind they need by offering a connection via audio or visual with their children, which is why they are important for most parents. While a traditional audio baby monitor is enough for many mothers and fathers, others prefer to buy a video monitor so that they can hear and see their baby throughout the day and night.

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