5 Things Nobody Told You About Georgia

Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

God created this world big and beautiful and one of them is Georgia. You visit one place and somebody tells you about another one. You plan the vacation for one country, and your friend tells you about one more place to go. Numerous facts are posted about Georgia but, we have collected the unknown truths regarding it. Each of the reason mentioned below will take you to the streets of Georgia, United States of America.

Cordele And Watermelons

Cordele is a part of Georgia, US. Multiple people do not know about the most exciting fact about Cordele. This city transports the highest quantity of watermelons to the world. Due to this reason, it is termed as the Watermelon Capital of the World. If it is a summer season then it is better to taste the juicy and red watermelons to quench your thirst.

Georgia First, Georgia Last!

Georgia is considered the first state to welcome and host the English Rulers. It is the biggest state east within the Mississippi River. It was the first place where the rulers from English Colonies ruled for over a thousand years. And, it is the state to be taken as the last of real thirteen English Colonies. Because of this reason, this state is given a lot of attention from travelers.

“No City But A County”

Georgia does not call the cities as cities. But, the cities are called counties. This country has more than 150 counties. Even if you take a tour of this place and ask anyone from which city are you? They will reply with a county. Among other countries of US, this country has the largest number of counties. Along with this, there is a long list of most famous realtors in Georgia who will assist you in finding the best house.

Must Keep The Eyeballs On The Painting

385 ft. long painting is preserved in the Cyclorama Building. This painting was considered as the largest mural of the world until the year 2004. One should not leave Georgia without seeing this master art piece. This portrait represents the view of the Civil War fight in Atlanta. Various tourists from the globe come to GA just because of this painting.

Georgia The Spooky Place

Georgia, Savannah was acknowledged as the most haunted city once. American Institute of the Parapsychology named it so by giving some reasons. Are you shivering? Actually, you should be. The major reason was that the people were engaged in some voodoo practices, plagues and, fires.

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