Lawn care tools for lawn maintenance

Everyone wants a good looking green and healthy lawn. Lawn care and maintenance are not as difficult as it seems to be. You can achieve a great looking lawn for all year by just following simple tips such as weeding, feeding, scarifying, edging, watering, and mowing. For such purpose, there are so multifarious tools available in the market that can make your work even easier than before.  Just make sure that you’re following the right steps in the right way. This article aims to inform you about some of very handy lawn care tools that may reduce human effort and help you make your lawn green and healthy.

Lawn scarifier

A lawn scarifier is a garden tool. It is also called as a is used to cut through the soil. It helps to remove moss that is dead and debris such as grass cuttings. It is available in the market in both powered/electric and manual form. It also aerates the soil, makes it healthy, weed free to a larger extent and long-lasting. The ideal time to scarify the lawn is when the growth of turf is most productive which is normally the autumn or the spring season.

Lawn aerator

To provide air circulations to the ground, the process of aeration is carried out. Air circulation makes space for the fresh oxygen in the ground and brings out stale carbon dioxide from it. The whole process is done by creating tiny holes in the ground. Aerator helps to grow deep rooted and thicker grass. There are different types of aerators for different types of soil and size of lawns.

  1. A) Lawn aerator shoes are designed for small gardens. They have spikes underneath them.
  2. B) Hand aerators are also great for small gardens. They are designed to plug the solid that will prevent the hole from closing again.
  3. C) Smaller machine aerators are for small or medium sized gardens. Whereas, the large machine aerators are for large fields or gardens they are pulled by tractors.

Lawn spreaders

Lawn spreaders are used to apply lawn care products all over the lawn accurately and evenly. If the product is not applied with lawn spreader hen there are chances that it may be over applied or under applied which can damage or burn the grass. There are several types of lawn spreaders such as drop lawn spreaders and rotary lawn spreaders. Drop lawn spreader gives the most even and accurate distribution of lawn care product. It is adjustable and ideal for large size lawns. The rotary lawn spreader has a bucket called hopper in which the product is filled and the product is dropped out of the base to cover the wide area of lawn in a spinning manner of distribution.

Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers basically cut the grass surface to even height. Generally, the mower is adjustable so the height of the grass can be set accordingly. There are different types of mowers according to the size of the lawn. For large lawns, petrol mower is the best choice. For medium-sized or small sized lawns, the electric mowers should be preferred. And if you like to work out a bit then push along mowers are also available.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves gardens and lawns.