Sources of fire and water damage

An accidental fire can start for a number of reasons. The most common cause is the inappropriate use of electricity. If electricity is not used correctly and in a safe way, it can lead to a short circuit, thus causing fire damage. If care is not taken for checking of gas leakage, then the leaking gas can cause a fire. Carelessly leaving burning stoves or fire places on for long periods of time can lead to a big fire.

Sometimes, a fire can also start if you place still smoldering coal pieces among the dry ones in your basement. Doing a barbecue in your backyard can also start an accidental fire if anything catches a spark of fire from the burning coal. An unexpected fire can also start if someone else intentionally wants to burn your property and cause you loss. Fire has the power of causing great devastation and it can hurt you badly. It can burn your appliances, destroy your possessions and damage your furniture. If the damage is serious then it would become impossible to restore your things to their normal condition.

Fire damage can become a source of further water damage because if it reaches the structure of walls and floors where the water pipes are made of plastic, it can cause the pipes to burst. Other sources of water damage to a property include floods, rainstorms, hurricanes, leaking roofs, ice dam, broken sump pump, broken or frozen pipes and poor plumbing etc.

When fire and water damage occur to your home or business, due to any of these reasons, you have to contact the professionals in emergency to control the damage and perform clean up and restoration. They use new and advanced practices to make sure that your property returns to its pre-damage condition.

Damage due to water can cause shrinking of leather, dampening and mold problems in carpets and deformation of wood. So, it is necessary that the damaging water be removed immediately; the area cleaned up, dried and repaired properly. The professional service providers can do all this.

Fire can damage the entire structure of your property, burn your furniture, important documents, pictures and appliances. After the extinguishing of the fire, the destroyed items are packed and taken out, the remaining possessions are then cleaned and repaired from smoke and soot, then your property is restored and restructured.

If you are from Atlanta in the state of Georgia and you require fire and water damage restoration services, you can call the service pro’s disaster cleanup services. They would give you their immediate attention and services.

It is necessary that immediately after the damage, you call your insurance adjuster along with the cleanup service providers so that they both can make their assessments on the cost it would require to repair and restore the damage done to your property. Your insurance claim depends on the type of insurance you have. If you have homeowners insurance, then it usually covers the damage that is sudden and internal like a burst pipe, rain driven by air or a spiteful act by a burglar but not the damage that was progressive and resulted from neglect.