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10 Tips to reinvent your patio

We offer you some simple tips on how to create a cozy place to relax in the fresh air in the summer. First, we’ll offer you ten styles, then we’ll give you ten tips to reinvent your patio to perfection.

Fragrant lavender bushes planted in a shady place will help you relax and unwind. Put shabby village benches and armchairs, lay a plaid on them and lay pillows, place flower pots nearby – this is the classic.

To enjoy long dinners on the terrace in any weather, build a canopy that will create a cool shade on a hot afternoon. To do this, just stretch the linen fabric over the dining table and fix it on four bamboo rods.

Urban style

Divide the space into a food area and a rest area. Place the dining table and chairs near the house to make it convenient to make meals, close to they place a barbecue. Set aside a sofa and chairs with a coffee table for those who want to relax after a meal. Use wicker furniture. It looks spectacular and is all-weather, so it is perfect for the decor of the patio. ewf.com.au/awnings-sydney/straight-drop-verandah-awnings/ can be a great style for urban design.

Secluded place

Choose a calm, remote place in the garden where you can hide from the hustle and bustle and create your own secret corner there for privacy. According to the metal structures of the gazebo, let your favorite plants curl, which will make the atmosphere more intimate. Do not block the space with furniture. One or two old wrought iron benches will be enough.

Coastal style

To create a bright outdoor recreation area for the whole family, design it in a cheerful marine theme. To do this, put white garden furniture, add accessories, for example, pillows and umbrellas, designed in a white and blue palette.

Natural materials

Use natural materials for your patio. Wicker or wooden furniture is a great option for outdoor recreation.

Art style

Even if your yard is small, you can find a place for an outdoor dining area. Do not clutter it with a lot of garden furniture. A compact round table with several chairs is suitable.

A simple transformation of a patio

You can easily transform your patio by adding a few key details. The bare walls of the house should not spoil the overall impression of your garden. Hang on them several wicker baskets of flowers that will become a wonderful decoration. At the bottom, place a simple wooden bench with some bright pillows.

Tropical party

Are you planning to have a party on the street? This is an occasion to add variety to the space of your patio. Cover the garden table with a bright tablecloth and place colorful pillows on the chairs. Choose dishes of the same shades and decorate chairs with homemade paper flowers.

Tips to reinvent the Patio of a House

Each house, even a small one, has a free place – I also really want to use it somehow, for entertainment, family dinners and just relaxing. Here are 10 tips to improve this space:

1. Choose a color

Bright white and neutral “sand” colors are ideal for a small oasis in your yard. Just because they only enhance the feeling of calm and are in perfect harmony with the bright, saturated colors of plants.

2. Find a hammock

Good old hammock – what could be better than him in the yard? Only two hammocks – if space permits. The beauty of this “object” is that it can fit into almost any space. Especially if you correctly select the color and texture of the material.

3. Place an ottoman

A wheeled ottoman is a great addition to any patio. After all, do you and your guests need to recline somewhere? Ottomans are very different, only your imagination and wallet size will impose restrictions.

4. Take a fence

Neighbors can be annoying and curious, so a good fence will never hurt. If they are nice people, a good fence will not hurt anyway. It can be only decorative or just to mark the boundaries of your personal space.

5. Plant flowers

No, we are not talking about the beds in the yard. We are talking about potted flowers. They are mobile, they can be fixed on the same fence, and their choice is so huge that you will surely find something to your personal taste. Even if you had never dealt with potted flowers before.

6. Turn on the lamps

In summer, the day is longer than night, but this does not mean that you do not have day or night gatherings in your yard. There have been and will be! Lamps are the soul of late-night rest – it is worth approaching their choice responsibly.

7. Find pillows and ottomans

If the courtyard or porch is small and the ottoman doesn’t climb … well, poufs and pillows will always climb. When choosing them, it is worth moving away from “serialization” and taking more different colors, shapes, and sizes. Your guests are not robots that came down from one conveyor. Someone likes one, others like different.

8. Benches are also a good idea

If the design and the spirit of the house allow, arrange simple benches. It is very rustic – besides such simple things, they are unusually universal as a rule. Take the same pillows and put them on the benches! And if necessary, the bench can be a very utilitarian stand for something.

9. Wicker furniture

If the street is cold, wet and generally not very sunny, then upholstered furniture and pillows will not be very appropriate. Wicker furniture is not that “all the same”, but it can withstand rain or two. Stock it up more!

10. Stock up on a canopy or tent

Finally, if you value privacy or the weather is not at all ready for gatherings in the completely open-air, large canopies and tents rush to the rescue. Inside, with their help, you can build almost a second house! We’ve already talked about how to make it as cozy in the first place. Learn more about how you can optimize your patio for summers.


With these great tips and these styling ideas, you’re good to go – go ahead and turn your patio into some of the sweetest spots of your house. You can add a variety of vibrant colors to your yard with plants. Even if your small area has little natural greenery, you can decorate it with flower pots. You can use not only traditional containers for planting plants but also any others to your taste, for example, a bucket or basin. Such details will give your yard an interesting and original look. Set in the middle of this beauty a set of folding metal chairs and a table that takes up little space and is easy to clean.