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Can Plants Stay in Plastic Pots?

The plastic pots for garden are the most used by gardeners and plant enthusiasts. They are very cheap and can also be beautiful, but they have a serious drawback: over time they wear out. What can we do to make them last longer?

With these simple tips and tricks that we offer, you will know what the maintenance of the plastic pots is and, most importantly, how to extend the useful life.

Plastic is a material that we use a lot today, I would say even too much. The problem is that it can remain virtually intact for several centuries, so unless we recycle what we are doing is to build mountains and mountains of plastic. It is true that we do not see them in our towns or cities, but we must know that there are what are called plastic islands.

Each and every one of us can do a lot to take care of the planet, and since we are in a gardening blog, I encourage you all to make it possible for your plastic pots to last longer. How do you do that? Actually it is very simple.

Choose the right color for your climate

Yes, yes, color can be the difference between a longer or a shorter life. Why? Because of the effect of the sun’s rays on the pot. For example, if it is white, the rays will come into contact with the plastic but will soon be returned to space; On the other hand, if it is black, the opposite will happen: the container will absorb the heat. For this reason, it is not a good idea to buy dark-colored plastic containers if you live in an area with strong sunlight, which you can find on https://getpotted.com/.

Do not put them near areas that absorb a lot of heat / cold

We do not usually think about it, but if we put the pot for example on a shelf that is made of stainless steel during the summer it can overheat, which would harm the roots. To avoid this, we can put them on a shading mesh.

Also, during the winter it will be highly recommended to put them in a little shelter – everything that can be, taking into account the needs of the plant that we are growing, in order to cool it in excess.

Avoid breaking them

When we are going to transplant a plant, we have to avoid breaking the container, otherwise it will not serve us at all. That is why, if we cannot get it out of the pot, we have to tap the sides and, if necessary, cut the roots that come out of the drainage holes.