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Best home painting ideas

Decorating a house is an extremely important activity, not only for the visitors but also for the occupants.

Are you bored of waking up to those dull white walls everyday? Do you want to feel good everytime to enter your house? All you need to do is give your home a nice paint because looking at a delightful color can be gratifying. We have few paint overhaul ideas for giving a chic look to your abode.

 Front door

Front door is the first impression of your home. Make it memorable!

You don’t always need to paint your front door white or black. Colors like bright yellow or bold red can make your house the most catchy out on the block.


You entrance way should be a reflection of your personality. You can instill a tranquil welcoming tone in your hallway with cool blue or give it a bright and sunny shade with pale yellow.

Living room

When it comes to decorating a house, living room is of prime importance. Because the is the place where your family gathers and you get to chatter with each other.

Your living room should be energizing. It should be created in a way that gives you life.

You can give a splash of life to your living room with green. Make it look serene and elegant with gray. Give it calming, yet stylish look with attractive shades of blue or give it a minimalistic look with beige.


Kitchen is of paramount importance in your home. When it comes to colors yellow red blue, green and white can brighten your kitchen


Each room in your home must have its own feel. While choosing colors for your bedroom, you must keep in mind that this would the first thing you would be waking up to. Dull bedrooms can make you feel tired or bored.

 You can exude a serene and calm energy to your bedroom with white based color with a tint of lilac. You can also give it a soft look by blush pink. Soft black can add a chick look to your walls or a contrast of yellow and white can spread warmth and energy.


A new paint scheme can brighten up your bathrooms but decorating a bathroom by choosing right color scheme can be tricky at times.

You can affix style to your washroom with a vibrant color scheme.

You can emanate a sophisticated look to your bathroom with black. Vibrant teal can add some spunk to your comfort station. Ash grey paired with marble or granite can add perfect charm and serene green with white fixtures can give a rejuvenating place to freshen up.

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