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Does my toilet seat impact the look of my Bathroom?

Today many toilets offer more useful features than you thought. In addition, these features you may not have seen them before. We have covered the toilets on the market today and their impact on your bathroom. 

The soft close toilet seat 

With this, the seat of your toilet softly closes the toilet. You cannot survive without these toilet seats once you try them. On the one hand, this means that when your child closes the seat, there are no more unpleasant bangs. It brings a sober luxury to your bathroom. If you want to turn off your seat without hearing a noise, buy toilet seats of a soft seat designed to close slowly and silently. 

Improved hygiene 

Besides improving sound levels, the toilet seat is also hygienic, especially appreciated by women. It is very difficult to close the seat without making a lot of noise. The soft close toilet seats reduce contact with the toilet seat, improving hygiene. It is easy to add comfort to your life, because Soft Close is the hallmark of many of our toilet seats. 

Bath Royale Premium 

As a round or slim option, this seat fits most toilet brands such as Toto, Crane, British Standard and Caller. The edges and lids are sturdy polypropylene plastic and white; they are suitable for most bathroom styles. So, you do not have to worry about finding a proper lid. Plastics protect toilets from damage from chemicals and stains while resisting the accumulation of harmful bacteria on the surface. See more at facebookbathrooms. 


Designers can find the right options for your bathroom. The status of the designer is not necessarily very expensive. The Mayfair 41EC 047 offers a wide range of colour options at a very affordable price. The moulded wood cover is reflective, suitable for modern and traditional touch. These seats are available in a variety of colours, from pure white to neutral, such as grey, silver, or bones and even black. You have an option to choose between thin and round to fit the size of your bathroom. 

Church Wood Elongated 

Most of us prefer a slim design because the skin is very in contact with the skin when sitting. The elongated Church Wood is the preferred in this area, more so if you are looking for ways to improve your bathroom while seeking to stay friendly to the environment. They make the lid of high density, high gloss moulded wood. Since moulded wood is durable than conventional plastics, you can reduce your initial foot prints on the environmental when upgrading the seat. The finish matches the look of traditional ceramics, yet offers a sturdy surface that protects against dust and scratches. 

The most important consideration when buying a toilet seat is the shape of the toilet. 
There are two common forms; the round and thin seats. Round toilets often appear in older homes, but thin toilets are popular in modern water installations. It is important to understand the shape of the toilet. You can choose the seat that matches the look of your bathroom. For more information visit homeworthylist.