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How Much Should You Pay for Pool Enclosures?


Having a swimming pool means years of summer enjoyment with family and friends. However, the presence of a swimming pool influences your backyard and the surrounding area. Not to mention the pool maintenance is impacted by the weather and its effects on of your swimming pool as well. When considering a swimming pool one needs to consider all the factors of owning a pool.  One solution to the weather, amount of use and maintenance is a pool enclosure.  Either fixed or a retractable pool enclosure becomes the obvious when installing a swimming pool. Let’s take a look at all items you need to consider and pool enclosure cost when getting a pool and a pool enclosure.

How much does a pool enclosure cost?

That has to be the first question on your mind. The answer is, unfortunately not that simple. Since it involves architectural designs, a detailed layout of the place and the pool, you can expect the task to be lengthy, extensive, challenging but worth it in the longer run. You’re going to have to consider a few things to come around to the estimated cost it is going to take to get an enclosure for specifically your pool.

The Size and Construction of the Pool:

Firstly, you need to measure the pool you’re hoping to enclose. The critical thing to consider is the shape of the pool. If you have a simple square or a rectangular shape for the pool, you can expect a little ease in the process, but irregular shapes require a little more planning. The general rule in the market is that if you’re going for a larger enclosure than usual orders, the cost per foot for the enclosure reduces as a sort of discount.

The second thing to consider is your own preferences regarding the pool area. The area refers to the side space you might wish to leave for décor and seating. Many people prefer to have a seating area for guests and sunbathing. Keep in mind that these things are a little tricky if you wish to add them later so having thought the idea through could help. You can consult architects and engineers to guide you regarding the sort of project and material requirement you should go for. In the end, you need the structure to be entirely reliable in any condition and circumstance.


You can expect further designs and customizations to the plan to build up the cost of the pool enclosure. According to recent research, we come to find that the average pool enclosure cost can be anywhere from fifty to eighty grand. This is the price for an average sized pool that takes up around a thousand square feet. Breaking that price down, we get $50-$100 per square feet to be the cost of an enclosure with standard functionality. For a better-automated system, you will have to increase the price by a little more. Nevertheless, the outcomes will definitely be worth it in the future.

Retractable Pool Enclosures:

Following the concept of automated skylights and car sun-roofs, retractable swimming pool enclosures are available in the market too. You can imagine the mechanics from the cinematics we’ve seen through the years even in real-time, in stadiums and official buildings. The system is more than just amazing to watch and relax. It can be modified to such an extent, that you won’t ever have to worry as much about maintaining your pool. Please think of the possibilities of having a smart, solid and reliable retractable pool enclosure that can analyze the climatic or weather conditions and protect your pool from it. The benefits of a retractable pool enclosure are a lot. If you wish to protect your environment from your pool and your pool from your environment, retractable pool enclosures are the smart way to go. Although a retractable pool enclosure costs higher, it will pay you back in relaxation.

Non-Retractable Enclosures:

Swimming pool cage costs are different varying upon the type of material you want to use. Many people have been through a situation where they realized that their preferences and placing of the pool requires a rather large structure for it. Since they had a special seating area in mind while coming up with the idea of the pool, they went for a transparent pool enclosure. As the name suggests, the glass will be the significant element of the enclosure, and since you need it to be strong enough, you can imagine the increase in cost. However, it is a straightforward and effective solution that can be automated later with the recent technology available. You can pick whether or not you wish to have sunlight in your pool area and you can even use it as a greenhouse to décor the place up if you want.


Given the rough estimates we get by summing the individual pricing of the materials along with the cost on the engineering and construction fee, the price is expected to be around $75 per square feet. However, you may encounter during the project additional expenditures that end up raising the cost of the pool enclosure. To get a handle on the swimming pool enclosures prices you should contact pool enclosure companies that can give you a turnkey solution.