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Interior Doors Types and Top Trends

Interior door is not only restricted to the wall color, furniture, accents, and wall art. Installing beautiful interior doors can also make a real impact in the interiors of the home. If you are planning to upgrade the look of interior space, select the door that will complement the overall architectural and decor of your home. You should choose traditional and classically styled doors for the traditional type houses. If you can look for discount doors for sale, click for more details.


There are various types of interior doors in the market. Some important factors like how big the room is,       the swing area size, whether the swing area is dark or light space, and many more should be considered while selecting the doors. The types are described below:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are mostly used for closet or cabinet. Sometimes, they are used for entryways too. They slide along each other or the wall and take less space. So, they are a good choice for small and cramped areas.

Cavity Sliding Doors

They are similar to sliding doors but they actually slide into the wall. They have a great space-saving option and they will be out-of-sight.

Folding Doors

They create a wonderful free-flowing open-plan layout while opening indoor spaces to the outdoors. They can also be used in interior spaces.

Flush Doors

They are the best option for modern homes and they are smooth on both sides.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are designed with classic pattern or square panels and are popularly used in homes.



French Doors

French doors have a wide variety of decor and architectural styles. The transparent panels are made of glass or wood to give a modern look. Clear or opaque glass is used in this type of doors.

Dutch Doors

These doors are divided into 2 half in a horizontal manner and are used for kitchen and living areas.

Top Trends

Homeowners are looking for standard doors that can stand out from other doors. Some of the recent trends followed in interior doors are:


People prefer natural looking finishes in the doors. They prefer to go organic and solid timer gives a natural look to the door. The natural knots and grain of a wood finish add life to wooden doors. The wooden doors are environmentally friendly and have good resistance to warp and rust to ensure maximum longevity and durability.

The Use of Glass

Many people prefer to use glasses in their door designs because they give a modern look to it. The glass designs such as clear glass, opaque glass, decorative colored glass, or stained glass can be used in the panels of the door to give both the traditional and modern look. The insulation properties of the glass have been improved a lot with the help of technology today. But it cannot be used in places, where privacy is needed.