Kitchen Improvements

Recommended Materials for a Craftsman Look for Your Kitchen

The craftsman style of American architecture is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence and is a popular look when remodeling your period home4 Dating as far back as late 19th-century Britain, the exquisite details of craftsman kitchen designs are aesthetically pleasing and give a home a comfortable yet sophisticated fee. For those who want their kitchens to be functional and stylish and on trend, a craftsman kitchen design is often a great choice when remodeling.

In order to achieve the craftsman look for your kitchen, you will have to make use of the appropriate materials. The following sections will discuss the recommended materials needed for that incredible look for your kitchen.

  • Cabinets

Cabinets are some of the most alluring parts of a craftsman kitchen. Designed to blend perfectly with the flooring, the cabinetry is an integral part of the overall design. Today, sustainable and environment-friendly items like hardwood veneer, bamboo, eucalyptus and other kinds of wood are generally preferred for the cabinets. Also vintage items and timeless materials can form a major component of a craftsman kitchen, cabinet pulls can be made from materials such as brass.

  • Flooring

Upon stepping into a craftsman kitchen, one of the things you are going to notice at first is the authentic wood flooring. In fact, some are of the opinion that a craftsman kitchen cannot be complete without having real wood flooring. Hardwood is often the default choice but today, ceramic tiles that are designed to look like wood can provide added durability while obtaining the same look.

  • Color Plans

What is a craftsman kitchen without it’s iconic color palette? The materials needed for the colors should typically be beige, cream, off-white or gentler shades of green, blue and yellow which contrasts clearly with the cabinets. The paint colors have to blend with the wood finish but not take the shine off the wood. Overall, the colors should reflect an aura of softness and tranquility with no wild or flashy colors.

  • Backsplash

Materials like artisan tin tiles and brilliant ceramic tiles are perfect for creating the cutest backsplashes in your craftsman kitchen. Tin tiles are particularly preferred as they give the kitchen an antique feel, which is what is expected of any kitchen of this nature. Go for earthen colors when selecting the tiles too. Thinking of renovating your kitchen? See more here for a guide to kitchen cabinet materials.

  • Countertops

Natural materials like stone (especially granite), quartz and marble are the best for countertops in a craftsman kitchen. Apart from the natural appeal, these are very durable materials. You can be as unique and creative as you want when making selections for the countertops but always go for a natural material for an authentic appearance.

  • Lighting

As craftsman kitchens are beloved for their traditional looks, it is important that this is reflected in the lighting too. To achieve this, pendant lights, island chandeliers or flush-mounted bulbs. Whichever one appeals to you, have it at the back of your mind that prairie-style variety of overhead lighting is the most appropriate for a craftsman kitchen? These lighting materials will give your kitchen a conservative but inviting and utilitarian appeal. Of course, you can add an exciting touch of LED lights which will give the kitchen a really brilliant look.