Kitchen Improvements

Tips to keep your Kitchen Pest-free

The kitchen is always susceptible to pests owing to the fact food leftovers, food trash and liquid spills are common. Pests’ infestation in the kitchen is not only untidy but also unhealthy since most pests are reservoirs of diseases and can get into contact with your food or utensils. The enclosed nature of the kitchen provide an ultimate hiding space for pests which is why most pests prefer being in such a place. As many people resort to thorough cleaning as the only exclusive way of preventing pest infestation, some other measures can be put into practice to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Store Your Pantry Staples in Air-Tight Containers

Most pantry foods and staples are normally stored in the fridge to keep them fresh for long. The cold environment in the fridge is not favorable for pests and microbes so your food remains fresh and safe for consumption. Some foods cannot stored in the fridge. These include foods like sugar and coffee beans among many others. Use air-tight glassy contains to store such foods. Bedbugs and cockroaches cannot access food stored in such containers.

Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

According to Amco Ranger Termite and Pest Solutions, clutter is a pest magnet because it provide a conducive and quite environment for pests to relax in. as you use things here and there in your kitchen, make sure you sort and arrange then back in their normal space after you are done. As you are in the kitchen, always arrange your things in a way that they don’t crowd at one place.

Cabinet Organizers Are Essential

Just because you have a kitchen cabinet does not mean you have to carelessly place items in your cabinet. You should do compartmentalization where every category of items is placed at its respective place. You can use a wire mesh to divide your cabinets into compartments so that you sort out your kitchen materials perfectly. Always make sure your utensils are dry before you store them in your cabinet because most pests are attracted to humid areas.

Don’t Leave Food Wastes On Your Kitchen

The small food particles that you keep ignoring are the attractive factors of pests. After every food preparation session, clean your kitchen surfaces and corners, making sure no residue is left behind. The food trashes must be emptied frequently and be wiped on frequent basis to prevent pests from being attracted. Many people assume that food trashes are not a must to be cleaned because they are already dirty and this is what precipitate pests’ infestations.


Keeping your kitchen organized and clean is what warrants a pest-free space. As many people resort to cleaning, leaving your kitchen with clutters provide a wonderful environment for pests where they can hide and continue enjoying themselves when you are absent. Keep a chalkboard on your kitchen so that you record all your items and know how to organize them on daily basis. Leaving expired food stuffs in your kitchen is another precipitating factor of pest infestation in your house so make sure you discard all expired food stuffs.